If you have a good idea, you can make Your Own Luxury Design Buttons with us! You just need to do the following: Send your ideas to us by email.   You can circumscribe you plans, or draw a sketch.  Please, write to us at luxurybuttons@gmail.com   We check it and start to thinking how your dream   will come true...  Now, its our turn! We design a 3D model following your concept. It generally takes 4-5 days, then we send you a photorealistic rendering. If you change your mind and desist from ordering your buttons, you can do it, this step is for free. However, if we find your plans being worthwhile, we keep the right to work out for own purposes. If your intention is to go on to the 3. step, we refine and finish the 3D plans, following your instructions. You need to consider the following costs: Creating a prototype with a high accuracy CNC machine comes out at 50$. (It is a one-off cost.) The molding, polishing, painting and finishing of the silver buttons costs 6$ per gram. If you need fancy packaging in a jewelry box, that means additional charge (about 5 $). Simple packaging is free of charge. The shipping costs varies (5-10$) depending on the destination and weight. The protoyping and manufacturing usually needs 12-15 working days, then we ship the buttons as soon as possible. LuxuryButtons plans STEP 1. STEP 2. Kossuth crest, LuxuryButtons STEP 3. Make Your Own LuxuryButtons! Remarks: - For buttons that are especially sophisticated, we keep the right tooffer special rates. - If the Customer does not dispose otherwise, we keep the righ to use the customer’s   button-type for own purposes henceforth. Example: A typical button for a shirt is about 1.5 gram. Let’s see an example! Ordering 10 buttons will cost: 50 $ (prototyping) + 90 $ (modling, finishing) + 0...5 $ (packaging) + 5...10 $ (shipping). It means totally 145...155 $ for a really special, personalized and valuable gift. Discount: We were able to reduce our costs with higher volume ordering, and we're passing the savings on to our customers. For evey order of more than 10 buttons we offer a discount.