Kossuth crest Luxury buttons with hand-decorated Kossuth crest. It is a nationalist symbol dating back to the 1848 revolution, and the traditional crest of Hungary. Lajos Kossuth was a Hungarian lawyer, journalist, politician and Regent-President of Hungary in 1849. He was widely honored during his lifetime, including in the United Kingdom and the United States, as a freedom fighter and bellwether of democracy in Europe. These buttons look great on shirts, coats, suits and uniforms. Description - Precision-molded and Hand-polished buttons - Electroplated in rhodium to enhance shine and   durability - Paints with gloss or matte finishes are available - Material: 925 Sterling Silver (Solid silver) - Gram weight: 1.5 g - Perfect for elegant dark shirts. Crest on LuxuryButtons Gallery Dimensions 925 silver design buttons with Kossth crest Kossuth Crest design buttons
Traditional hungarian 925 silver buttons