The LuxuryButtons is a division of Northfox Design, involving artists, engineers, and jewelers. Our mission is to compund the elegance of old days with modern design and technology. LuxuryButtons will raise the elegance and glamour of your appearance. Enjoy the ultimate luxury experience! Design Buttons...    ...made from solid silver and gold. About Us The LuxuryButtons are designed and manufactured with modern technology. All the models are constructed and rendered by a 3D modeling software. The prototype is manufactured with a CNC machine tool. The molds are made of silicon rubber. Technological Overview Finally, the shining buttons are painted by high gloss or matte resin-based enamel. The precision molded silver buttons are prepared by finishing machines and polished by hand for the perfect shine. Andrew Fox Owner and designer Kinga Taylor Sales manager The finished buttons are packaged and shipped to the costumer.